Devices of system correction a series of “ASDM”


The devices of the ASDM series are used for the prevention and recovery of the body itself. This is a non-drug method for correcting deviations in the health status of the body at all levels.


“ASDM” is a hardware-software complex for initiating specified properties in aquasystems. Installation of a reagent-free transfer of useful properties from objects of wildlife donors to water. The effect of the apparatus is achieved by transmitting combinations of acoustic and electromagnetic signals. The impact is mild and environmentally friendly.

The devices of the “ASDM” series are an integral part of the System Correction Technology. Allow to transfer / “record” programs in the “Multifractal tuning fork” (MFK) format onto a substance in the acoustic, infrared, optical and other ranges of electromagnetic waves, which allows you to effectively transfer the useful properties of donor samples (medicinal herbs, beekeeping products, minerals and much more).

The devices of system correction “ASDM” are made according to new knowledge and technologies for health, longevity, body rejuvenation. The device implements the principles of the phenomenon of aquacommunication, the principles of linguistic-wave genetics and spin-polarized physical waves generated by the torsion of space.

Water is a natural universal radio system. Aquacommunication is the ability of water to display, save, lose, transfer the properties of a donor’s object or an acting field, coding it in the structure of some aquafragments of the hydrogen network with the formation of the corresponding aquamodel of action.

The devices of the “ASDM” series are used to prevent and recovery of the body itself. This is a non-drug method for correcting deviations in the health status of the body at all levels.

The device can be used both for broadcasting in the acoustic range (special headphones), and in the infrared, ultraviolet, optical and wide band of the radio range (a special set-top box for broadcasting). Also, this device uses the combinatorial effect of spin-polarized magnetic fields.

Appointment and action of the device:

—  Records useful properties from donor objects of wildlife on water and aquatic environments. The structure of the water comes to a healthy state. The substance is structurally harmonized with the help of spin-polarized magnetic fields and is saturated with information with useful properties in order to maintain human health.

—  It neutralizes thin-field radiation of biospheric pathogenic zones in residential and office premises, as well as other pathogenic radiation of artificial origin.

—  It is used to suppress the growth of opportunistic microflora, neutralize bacterial toxins, and destroy parasitic cells.

—  Affects the improvement of the condition of all systems of the human body:

  • Activation of the psycho-energy centers of a person (the so-called “chakras”). An energy exchange of a person with the environment is being established. Each chakra is responsible for the embodiment in a person of certain spiritual qualities, which in most people are in an unmanifest state. After awakening, they begin to radiate “vibrations”, expressing the principles of Divinity in us. It is in this sense that we are created in the image of God.
  • Activation and cleaning of energy channels (meridians) of a person. The connection between the etheric body of a person and the physical is restored. The circulation (permeability) of energy along the channels is enhanced. Life energy freely passes through the energy channels through the whole body, ensuring the normal functioning of systems and organs.
  • Increases the body’s resistance to adverse environmental factors.
  • Strengthens the immune system, increases the vitality of the body. The growth of pathogenic microflora is suppressed. The body begins to work in its normal mode and, accordingly, many health problems go through.
  • There is a comprehensive cleansing of the body (cleansing the blood and lymph, cleansing the body of toxins and toxins), restoring the metabolism in the body, normalizing blood pressure. Intestinal activity is normalized. The weight and vitality of the body are restoring.
  • Prevention of viral infections.
  • Prevention of prostate diseases. There is a gradual restoration of sexual activity.
  • Effective with increased excitability of the nervous system (increased fatigue, poor sleep, nervous breakdowns, panic state, stress, insomnia, hysteria, nervous trembling). Mental and physical stress is removed. Stressful conditions are eliminated. Peace comes and calm. Sleep is normalized (a person sleeps less, but feels better). Improving memory and appetite. The ability to make the right decisions in various situations is increasing.
  • Prevention of various diseases of the liver, kidneys, gastrointestinal tract, cardiovascular diseases, skin inflammations, female diseases and much more. A person becomes more energetic and healthy.
  • Increases tissue regeneration rate. The healing of wounds, cuts, abrasions, fractures is faster and better.
  • The body is rejuvenated and healed. The “reversal time” process starts.
  • The aquapole (“aura” / “biofield”) of a person is restored and its effective state is maintained in adverse external conditions.
  • The possibility of targeted (individual) impact on specific functions of the body through the selection of the necessary programs.

The device is intended for use both individually and for collective work.




Technologies System Correction is a new approach to solving problems in various fields:

  • intelligent systems and biotechnology;
  • ecology and healthcare;
  • management and goal setting;
  • production and processing.



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ASDM-1, ASDM-2, ASDM-1 + MFK of individual influence


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