NETWORK FILTER with spin polarization


NETWORK FILTER with spin polarization – solution for an entire apartment or private house based on the “Viton-Epf” device No. 2


Does not apply to medical devices. Additional certification, no licensing required.

NETWORK FILTER with spin polarizationNETWORK FILTER with spin polarization – solution for an entire apartment or private house based on the “Viton-Epf” device No. 2. Solution for an entire apartment or private house based on the “Viton-Epf” device No. 2. A device for photon information-active spin-field initiation of auto-correction, designed to initiate auto-correction and balance in the body and space of viruses, fungi, protozoa, bacteria, helminths, their toxins, as well as to restore the body at the energetic, genetic, cellular, organ levels. The total power of connected household appliances is 10 – 20 kW.
For drug-free resonant-wave spin-field photon energy-informational initiation of auto-correction of the functional state of the organism


Purpose: “Viton-Epf” TSC (NF) is designed to initiate auto-transformation of negative destructive energies in space and matter, parasitic microflora: viruses, fungi, protozoa, bacteria, helminths, their toxins; elimination of the consequences of their action in the human body, animals, plants, restoration of the body at the energetic, cellular, neural, genetic, organ and functional levels, for the rejuvenation of the body, for the restoration of energy-informational exchange within the body and the body with Outer space, the Earth and the Earth’s magnetic field, cleansing energy in a person’s living space and cleansing his karma The radiation of the device provides fast and efficient structuring of water, food and food, making them environmentally friendly. Water structured by the apparatus is information-active (300 herbs, 200 medicinal herbs, 40 stones, trees, prayers, etc.), antioxidant, detoxifier, oncoprotector, radioprotector, suppresses the vital activity of viruses, bacteria, fungi, protozoa, helminths, increases activity and vital activity of cells, thins the blood, erythrocytes are separated in it and all parasites are disconnected from them, restores the body’s energy, activates the body’s protective functions, synchronizes and restores the body’s biorhythms, relieves fatigue and stress, improves the taste of drinks and alcoholic beverages, shelf life food products. Structured water acquires a natural state and acts in the body as a repeater of the energy of space and the Earth, normalizing the subtle energy system and physiological state.

— the ability to connect household appliances to the device: computer, TV, charging a mobile phone, lamps, teapots, multicooker, etc., which eliminates the negative radiation of these devices and ensures the receipt of structured products, water: environmentally friendly products; battery life is increased by 1.5-2 times;

To improve the quality of products and their digestibility, meat and dairy products, yeast bread, water from the city water supply network, water from plastic bottles, vegetables and fruits grown using chemical fertilizers and processed for long-term storage, coffee, cocoa, are subject to mandatory processing and structuring. sweets, carbonated drinks, kvass, beer, alcoholic drinks. When processing alcohol (wine, vodka, cognac) for 10-15 seconds at a power of 600-700 watts, it acquires ideal taste, does not give deep intoxication, hangover syndrome, and is quickly removed from the blood, liver and body.

Right-hand spin polarization of radiation from computer monitors, tablets, telephones and televisions completely excludes the destructive effects of all types of radiation. The most incredible, from the point of view of modern physics, is that the image quality is improved on screens: sharpness, contrast, resolution, purity of colors, surround sound appears, 3D image and the effect of presence in the frame. The volume of the image on the screen (on a flat screen!) Can be estimated by the change in the focus of the eyes, if you look at the near and then at the distant image in the frame: as in a real volumetric space. Be attentive, hear and see this! You will get pleasure and pleasure from watching programs.

Device and principle of operation:

The device “Viton-Epf” TSC (NF) – electronic antiphase photonic. Spin-polarized radiation, energy-informational (deep-penetrating) radiation, where energy-information copies of more than 300 herbs, 200 medicines, 40 stones, trees and prayers are transmitted. The highest efficiency of the apparatus is provided by 100% feedback in the current time mode, that is, every moment is taken into account the functional state of the body, it is possible to correct deviations from the norm of its field on the basis of the spin of energy at the resonance frequencies of all organs to the DNA level and the destruction of the energy-informational field of the parasitic microflora between two rotating spin-polarized quantum fluxes of photons in antiphase mode. The disease and its causes are, as it were, erased from the energy-informational field of the Earth and humans and cease to exist, then the restoration of the energy-informational field and the regeneration of the body at the genetic, cellular, organ, functional levels is ensured in the body, the body is rejuvenated at the DNA level.

The spin-polarized radiation of the apparatus is similar to sunlight, which ensures the formation of the so-called vitamin D in the body (this is spin-polarized energy in the body, ensuring its holistic functioning).

During the spin structuring of water, all information-structured globules, consisting of many hundreds and thousands of single molecules, fall apart, all molecules twist and acquire a natural right spin, all substances with a left spin are destroyed: viruses, bacteria, fungi, protozoa, their toxins, radioactive particles, mechanical impurities and even soluble salts settle into the sediment. Only informationally pure structured water in the form of single molecules can instantly penetrate into the body’s cell through the membrane and provide metabolism, water-salt metabolism, its division and energy production in it, eliminates dehydration of the body and its aging.

It is necessary to consume only informationally pure water in an amount of at least one liter per day with the addition of 0.9 g / l of NaCl salt to a glass (physiological solution). One glass of structured water provides the body with a daily dose of antioxidant and blood thinning.

The water structured by the Viton-Epf apparatus becomes natural informationally active “living” water, it is similar (fractal) to the energy of Cosmic space (God) and through it, according to the resonance-wave principle, information and energy of God, the Sun enters the body, Earth and Earth’s magnetic field. Thus, the divine task of water on Earth is realized.

There is an energy-informational cleaning of space, rooms, places of sleep, things. Improvement and normalization of the functional state is provided by systemic work with all organs in the body.

When initiating auto-correction of the body, the following processes are possible:

–      restoration of the energy-informational field (aura) of a person;

–      leansing karma, erasing the cause of the disease, eliminating energy bindings;

–      initiation of auto-correction of activity in the organs of inflammatory and chronic processes, which are associated with the presence of parasitic microflora in the body: viruses, bacteria, fungi, protozoa, helminths and their toxins;

–      destruction of stones, sand in the organs, salt deposits, cholesterol, vasoconstriction;

–      detoxification and elimination of all “toxins” from the body;

–      the passage of the processes of restoration and regeneration in the body at the cellular, genetic, organ, neurophysiological, functional and mental levels;

–      restoration of energy-informational connections inside the body and energy-informational exchange with the energy of Outer space, the Earth and the Earth’s magnetic field (these energies provide biological life on Earth);

–      with a healthy mind and body, a person receives self-realization, consecration by the Holy Spirit, a second birth, which ultimately means “nourishment by the Holy Spirit” – the energy of God, your body is connected to an endless source of energy that ensures your health, well-being and joy of existence.

When initiating auto-correction of the functional state of the body, it is possible: suppression of parasitic microflora in the body, restoration of energy, aura and functional state of the body at the genetic, cellular, organ, neuro-physiological levels, restoration, unloading of the immune system, suppression of inflammatory processes, pain relief in trauma, wounds, bone fractures, wound healing, bone fusion, restoration of muscle trophism, vascular patency, elimination of dysbacteriosis, osteochondrosis, deposits of salts and stones in organs, blood thinning, increase in vascular elasticity, improvement of skin, eyes and vision, normalization of water-salt metabolism , the work of the gastrointestinal tract, the restoration of the subtle energy system and energy-information exchange with space, the restoration of the biological integrity of the body and its control systems (brain structures), the rejuvenation of the body according to the new DNA and the health of the body.

Household appliances operating through the device “Viton-Epf” TSC (NF) begin to emit light, a thermal, electromagnetic field with right-handed spin polarization, which supports biological life on Earth. All products and water processed in such devices become environmentally friendly, with natural energy, ideal in taste, are easily digested, have high efficiency, and at the same time the amount of food eaten is reduced; food becomes medicine.


– If the device is out of order, do not try to repair it yourself.
– If used correctly in accordance with the instructions, the manufacturer guarantees the operation of the device for 12 months from the date of sale.
– The service life of the device is 5 years or more.

The warranty does not apply if the device shows signs of external damage and tampering!

Delivery at the expense of the store!

For the best impact, it is recommended to use “VITON-EPF” TSC (NF) in combination with the following products:

º Device “PVVK-1” (M) for drinking water purification with an intelligent water conditioning system (based on the ASDM-1 device) (since healing largely depends on how clean and healthy the water a person drinks, since he himself consists of water).
º Devices of system correction a series of “ASDM” is a hardware and software complex for the initiation of specified properties in aqua systems. It is an integral element of systemic correction technologies. Installation of reagent-free transfer of useful properties from objects of donors of wildlife to water prepared, for example, in devices of the “PVVK-1” series (water must be purified and uninformative) and aqueous media. Allows you to transfer / “record” programs in the “Multifractal tuning fork” format in the acoustic, infrared, optical and other ranges of electromagnetic waves, which allows you to effectively transfer the beneficial properties of donor samples (medicinal herbs, bee products, minerals and much more) to substance.
º Multifractal tuning fork (MFK) of individual (targeted) influence – starts the regeneration of the body to its natural state. The process of restoring the original integrity of the damaged structure (the original “blueprint”) is underway. IFC builds situations in the life field of a person’s events that are necessary and favorable to him.

What are “VITON” series devices? “VITON” is a unique device. It is a generator of the flow of dextrorotatory fields (dextrorotatory field relative to the movement of the energy flow), as well as a converter of the flow of left-spiral fields into right-handed fields in the entire natural spectrum of frequencies and human biofield in the frequency range from zero to infinity. In the scope of its action, “Viton” removes the negative energy (left-spiral field) created by geopathogenic zones, electronic devices: computers, televisions, mobile phones, microwave ovens, copiers, powerful transmitting stations of mobile communications, and so on; as well as the negative energy of human psychophysical activity. “Viton” is a neutralizer of negative energies and an activator of the positive energy of space. Energy flow “Viton” provides on its way a uniform fractal-spin orientation of the energy flow in space and molecules in matter. The right-handed orientation of quasiparticles is natural and primordial and ensures the progressive development of life and natural processes on Earth. It is believed that at each point in space, as in a hologram, the correct information is recorded about the development of the Universe from beginning to end, including about every person living on Earth. Viton provides long-term retention of a coherent spin state of material bodies and space.


Structured water

Structured water has unique properties:
– in the volume of water, information acquired by water during its existence and processing is completely erased;
– it has a right-handed (right) spin polarization of molecules, fractal (similar) energy of the Cosmic space. Through such water, the body receives energy and restores the energy exchange between the body and outer space, the energy of which restores the body at the energy, cellular and organ levels;
– water has an extremely fine structure;
– suppresses the vital activity of pathogenic microflora;
– provides detoxification of the body;
– restores cellular metabolism, input-salt metabolism and energy-informational exchange with outer space;
– ensures the regeneration of humans and animals at the energy-informational, cellular and organ levels. It is recommended to water animals and water plants with structured water.
Attention! Application of VITON series autocorrectors has nothing to do with medicine. And their use in no way means a rejection of medical treatment methods. If you have any suspicions about the occurrence of any disease, contact your doctor first.


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NF 12 kW, NF 25 kW, NF tee


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