Water conditioners of the “TITANIA” series


Multistage water conditioning devices. Titania conditions water using electrochemical and biophotonics methods on a molecular level, purifying water practically from any harmful substances and influences, thus providing the fullest range of beneficial properties as a result of treatment with special combinations of electric currents and modulated physical fields


Multistage water conditioning devices. Titania conditions water using electrochemical and biophotonics methods on a molecular level, purifying water practically from any harmful substances and influences, thus providing the fullest range of beneficial properties as a result of treatment with special combinations of electric currents and modulated physical fields.


“Water is the only drink of a wise man”.
Henry David Thoreau

American writer, thinker,
natural scientist, public figure 1817 – 1862


At the first stage the water is purified by electrochemical methods by applying electric current to groups of electrodes made of specially selected alloys of titanium, magnesium, silicon, etc. in special modes. Depending on particular requirements of the end user, such groups of electrodes are set from 3 to 13 in the models of TITANIA water conditioners. Currents applied to plate groups trigger electrocoagulation, microcavitation, vortexing, electroflotation, etc. This makes it possible to remove almost any type of dirt and influences from the water.  However, substances useful for human life, such as chlorides, hydrogen ions, potassium, sodium, silicon, magnesium, calcium, sulfates, hydrocarbonates and carbonates, as well as special dynamic, multifractal structures of the hydrogen bonding network still remain. Critical parameters such as ORP (oxidation reduction potential) can be adjusted at this stage of conditioning from -70 mV to -1300 mV, and pH from 2.5 to 12.


As a result, the water becomes information-free and absorbs new information (reference to the tuning forks) well from the modulated physical fields processing unit, which is an integral element of the system correction initiation technologies. The effects at this stage of treatment are achieved by transmitting to the conditioned water combinations of modulated acoustic, magnetic and electromagnetic fields obtained with the help of the research hardware and software complex based on special lasers, the basis of the system correction initiation technologies. The dynamic structure of hydrogen bonding network in the prepared water, optical activity of the water and many other its properties make it possible to prepare it specifically for each individual (or plant, or colony of microorganisms).


At the third stage, coagulant residues are removed from the water after which it can retain the widest range of extremely useful properties for quite a long time (from 2 to 40 days).


The device also implements the principles of the aquacommunication phenomenon, the principles of linguistic-wave genetics and spin-polarized physical waves generated by space torsion.


It is worth remembering that water is a natural universal radio-system capable of displaying and transmitting properties of a donor object or an influencing field, encoding it in the structure of some water fragments of the hydrogen network while forming corresponding impact water models.


Applications of TITANIA water conditioners: at home, in the office, at work, in resorts, in relaxation rooms, in greenhouses, in medicine, in biotechnologies, in genetics.


All harmful substances, including organic compounds, are actively absorbed into a light, harmless foam, which is formed during the reactions in the reactor and then easily removed.


During mild water treatment with weak currents, atomic oxygen and hydrogen are formed in the reactor, and in addition to being involved in electrochemical reactions, they actively raise and hold the resulting foam on the surface. This foam (sludge) is collected into a special sludge tank.


The processed water is exceptionally active, saturated with active forms of oxygen and hydrogen, unique and balanced in its mineral composition, meets all modern requirements, tastes great, has excellent pH (acid-alkaline balance) and ORP ( oxidation-reduction potential) values, superior (in terms of maintaining human health at the proper level) to all known drinks, even such as freshly made carrot juice and sprouted wheat juice.


The water prepared by TITANIA water conditioners promotes the processes of self-renewal of the body, intercellular exchange, removal of harmful substances from the body, renewal of blood composition, which takes place every six months, maintenance of skin tone and other processes aimed at maintaining the smooth operation of human organs and life-support systems (including the gastrointestinal tract and cardiovascular system).

People live in different climatic and geographical locations, and of the enormous number of tasks one of the most important is to provide them with high quality drinking water.


In contrast to devices with membrane technology that removes from water all useful substances, including those necessary to maintain health, TITANIA water conditioner preserves the salt composition of water necessary for human life, eliminating only harmful impurities.


Unlike the sorption technologies, TITANIA water conditioner does not accumulate pollutants transforming the source water into a unique product – miracle water of long-livers, in other words, into a good-quality, biologically valuable water, purified from salts of heavy metals, epidemiologically safe, having a given pH, having a surface tension close to that of the blood, having the reducing potential (ORP) about 70 mV – 1300 mV (a powerful water antioxidant, with its reducing properties an order of magnitude greater than even such antioxidants as carrot and beet juice and sprouted wheat juice). Such water promotes drug-free stimulation of all organs and systems, including activation of capillary blood supply and increases the level of cellular immunity indicators, i.e. prevents bacterial and virus diseases.


So the use of water prepared in TITANIA water conditioners can significantly contribute to the prevention of diseases of internal organs, in particular diabetes, by supplementing the traditional methods of treatment and in some cases replacing them.


The use of water with these properties is a powerful preventive measure for human health, resulting in new technologies in the areas of demography, genetics, pharmaceutics and medicine.


1. TITANIA water conditioner is composed of:

  • A titanium reactor for water treatment.
  • A set of electrodes (from 3 to 13 depending on the model).
  • Analysis, control and monitoring unit (optional upon request)
  • Electrochemical water treatment unit.
  • A processing unit with modulated physical fields.
  • Filtration tank (optionally stainless steel, titanium, ceramic, glass).
  • Tank for storing prepared water (depending on the configuration of titanium, ceramic or glass).


2. Technical specifications of TITANIA water conditioner:

  •  Power supply – rechargeable batteries
  •  Performance rate – from 2 to 20 liters per cycle
  •  Cycle time – from 45 seconds up to 30 minutes.


3. Operation resource of TITANIA water conditioner elements

  •  Service life of the soluble electrode set before replacement is about 1500-2000 liters.
  •  The device service life is about 10 years.


4. TITANIA delivery set

  • TITANIA water conditioner, 1 pcs.
  • Spare electrode cassettes, 1 pcs.
  • Filter elements, from 4 to 8 pcs.
  • Multifractal tuning fork database – 10 basic programs in the device memory and one copy on the USB card, micro-SD card or in the cloud service.



Performance rate4-40 l/hour
Power supply12V DC, 110V AC, 220V AC, 50 Hz
Mode of operationCycle operation
Cycle timeFrom 45 seconds to 30 minutes
Service lifeat least 10 years
Power consumptionno more than 120 W


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